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Our mission

At Sourcer, we are building an innovative solution to help people read news and regain trust in online information. We believe that everyone should be able to find credible information in an efficient and time-saving manner. Our browser extension helps users to develop a broader perspective, gather information from credible sources and hence affect the behavioural consequences of that, such as the decisions they make based on fake data.

Create a more informed society by bringing back trust in online information.


Our core values


Contributing to a more informed society


Improving media literacy education


Presenting unbiased information


Transparency and explainability

With our extension, we help society strengthen digital media literacy, information literacy, and critical reading skills. We help develop confidence in their ability to assess the quality and credibility of information and recognize opportunities provided by online information, basing their decisions on reliable information. We aim to provide an essential tool for quality education, so everyone can participate in the digital society.

The internet is, unfortunately, unstructured, and information can be hard to find. With our interface, we provide accessibility in information, with all the data a user needs at the place they need it. To ensure hard-to-find information is covered and the user is exposed to a wider perspective of information, our extension is also the place to find new information from many different sources.

Our motto

Credible News and Insight Instantly

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