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Sourcer is available on all major browsers on laptops and desktops, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and all Chromium browsers. Sourcer is also available on iPad devices from iPadOS 15.0, as a Safari extension and can be downloaded from the iPad App Store.

Unfortunately, Sourcer is currently not available for phones.

This is a general warning automatically added by Safari for most extensions. In order to access the news article you are reading, we need to be able to read that website. However, the only information we are accessing is the text of the news article. Furthermore, we only read a page once we have confirmed that it is an article. Thus, we will never be able to read any of your personal or sensitive information. If you want to learn more, you can read the Privacy-related question below, or read our transparency page by clicking here.

Using Sourcer is very easy. You just have to open a news article and click on our logo in the bottom right corner. You can read more about the usage on our How to Sourcer? page.

You may have found an article that is not compatible with our algorithms, nice job! Please report it to us by clicking here, so we can add support to it as soon as possible.

In order to start using those features, you have to activate your account with your institution email address. You can find out how to do that in the following short, 1-minute video:


Any academic institution can purchase Sourcer. Our pricing is based on the number of users you would like to get subscriptions for. The more users you purchase a subscription for, the lower the price per user is. Click here to request an offer now!

Yes, we are always happy to set you up with a demo account or to offer you a pilot project. Click here to reach out to learn more!

Any academic institution can purchase Sourcer. You can get a subscription for your students and staff to Sourcer Academia by contacting us. To get an offer, please reach out to us by clicking here!

Yes, distributing Sourcer is very easy. We can just add the allowed email addresses to our systems (while keeping them and the usage data anonymous, of course) and they can start using Sourcer. Are you purchasing for a bigger scale? We can also add your domain to our systems and only allow the agreed amount of users to sign up to Sourcer.

Yes, Sourcer is also available as an individual subscription.Click here to get your Premium subscription now.

Yes! If you would like your students to learn more about topics such as media literacy, disinformation, news and social media, click here to reach out.


Sourcer obtains results by constantly looking for new articles on around 120 websites with the highest traffic and saving them to our databases. To find out more about how we get related articles, summaries, or the credibility score, please check out our transparency page by clicking here.

No, we do not track any personal information nor any data linked to you. All usage data is anonymised and they are only used to improve our services. Even though we request your email address when activating your account, we anonymise this and do not connect it to you. You can find out more by reading our transparency page by clicking here.

We need your email address to be able to verify that you have access to the Premium or the Academia subscription of Sourcer. After confirming this, we hide your address in our systems, so we can never connect your usage data to you.


You can verify two devices at the same time with one account. This means you can use Sourcer on two different browsers or your laptop and iPad simultaneously. If you verify a third device/browser, we will remove the verification from the first device you verified.

To verify your account, you have to enter your email address (if you use Sourcer through your institution, please enter that address) on our website and click on the verification link that you have received in your inbox. You can find out how to do that in the following short, 1-minute video:

You can use your account as long as you or your institution has a subscription to Sourcer. If you have an Academia account, your devices will be unverified at the end of every academic year, so you will have to verify them again. Other than that, you can lose device verification if you remove it manually or if a newly verified account is over the limit, it will be removing the first verified account.

No, that is not possible. To verify your account, you need to have access to your email inbox to click the verification link from there.

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Report a bug

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