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Article Metadata

Get structured information on any news article with all metadata in one neat overview.

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Social Credentials

Find the socials and credentials of news article authors, their location and twitter description.

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Quick Summary

Compress any news article in just a few sentences. A useful filtering step to decide what is important to you.

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Related Articles

Find articles related to the topic you are reading, helping you out of your bubble and broaden your perspective.

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Sourcer From Outside

Interact with the insights that Sourcer provides from other places too, like Google, Twitter and Reddit.

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Credibility Score

View the credibility of any news article using the CRAAP score, automating a number of checks that you can then verify yourself.

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Full News Coverage

Access all articles from our compatible publishers that have written about the same topic, so you get the complete story.

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Sentence Related Articles

Read other articles related to a sentence from the summary. Get into the specifics of a topic effortlessly.

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Reading List

Keep track of articles you want to read, organize them in groups, and label them to remember what they are about.

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Citation Generator

Reference news articles properly with the right formatting and information, in many styles like APA, Chicago, and MLA.

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Notes & Markers

Mark important text in articles with different colors, and add notes to document findings or comments.

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Sources Cited

Check and scroll to the sources easily without having to look for them hidden in the article.

Fact-Checked Articles
Fact-Checked Articles

Fact check articles and topics with related fact-checked articles, from the same place as other related articles.

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Related Research

Research the scientific validity of an article with research papers concering the topic at hand.

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Click-on Related

Click and highlight sentences or words of an article to find related articles and learn more about what you are reading.

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Access to Platform

Gain news insight, and perform complex tasks, packed with many additional features, all within one platform.

Learn how Sourcer works
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